Wall Tiles

Tiles which are fixed on Walls

Wall Tiles are Ceramic Tiles which are fixed on Walls. Wall tiles are mostly glazed tiles which are further divided in sub category depends on surface as Glossy Wall Tiles, Matt Wall Tiles & Rustic Wall Tiles. Glossy Wall tiles are used in Bathroom wall, Kitchen Wall, Dining Wall etc. Matt Wall Tiles & Rustic Wall Tiles are used in Outdoor area.

Arina Tiles providing you a wide range of Wall tiles in various size. 

12x18 Wall Tiles

Largest selling Wall Tiles

12x24 Wall Tiles

Luxurious Wall Tiles

10x15 Wall Tiles

Most Economical Wall Tiles

Must & Major Use Of Wall Tiles

Bathroom Tiles Kitchen Tiles

Floor Tiles

Tiles which are laying on Floor

Floor tiles are ceramic tiles which are laying on floor. ARiNA Tiles presents exclusive range of floor tiles with all Ceramic floor tiles, Porcelain floor tiles & Vitrified floor tiles. Ceramic floor tiles are mostly used for non-sleepy surface like bathroom. Porcelain floor tiles are used for lite use residential space & Vitrified tiles is used for heavy use in residential, commercial and even industrial flooring.

Arina Tiles providing you a wide range of Floor tiles in various size. 

24x24 Vitrified Floor Tiles

Marble Like Surface

24x24 Porcelain Floor Tiles

Economical Floor Tiles

Main Type of Floor Tiles

Vitrified Floor Tiles Porcelain Floor Tiles

Technical Specifications

Depends on application of use of Ceramic tiles there are some technical specifications which must be taken into consideration before choosing it.

ARiNA Tiles manufacturing a ceramic tiles which meet all the criteria in technical specification which decided by a standard authority.

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