Porcelain Floor Tiles

Porcelain Floor tiles is made up by pressing fine grain of clay, sand & water in a mold to produce a very dense body. Now glaze is applied to protect it from water and prevent scratches. Once it has been molded into shape they are then fired in a kiln. Which makes it restive to moisture. Porcelain floor tiles are available with glossy & matt surfaces.

These are most economical flooring solution for light use area like home and indoor use. Manufacturing process of Porcelain floor tiles does not include vitrification process which make it cost effective but on other hand it makes it not usable for heavy traffic are like commercial use in Mall, Airport, Outdoor, Hotels etc.

ARiNA Tiles have large range of porcelain floor tiles, Depends on design we have categorized it into 3D Series, Box Series, Galicha Series, Geometric Series, Stone & Marble Series, Wooden Series, Strip Series, Concept Series, Book match Series.

To be a alternative of marble Ceramic Floor tiles are processed by vitrification and become stronger like stone and design like marble or wood. These type of tiles is called Vitrified Tiles.